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Helping you select and implement productive  fabrication equipment.

We are your complete metal fabricating equipment and tooling distributor.

We supply complete lines from the top names in the industry.

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Advanced Machinery Inc. helps improve business results to move you into the industry 4.0 world.  We serve OEM and contract manufacturers of all sizes.  We offer a complete line of metal fabricating equipment and tooling and can help you maximize the return on your investment.  

We have been a part of many successful installations in the industries of aerospace, automotive, roofing, HVAC, heavy industrial equipment, agricultural, lighting fixtures, office furniture, military and beyond.

Metal fabrication equipment

It's All About Your Parts and Assemblies

What company wouldn't want to get the most out of their equipment and their people?   Imagine having a production operation where your raw sheet metal is transformed into parts and assemblies on time and without waste.   What fabrication challenges are you facing in your business?   AMI can offer equipment solutions to make your value stream even more productive.